Fall festival Savannah Unlimited homeschool

The Savannah Unlimited homeschool  group of Savannah (SUHN) had a Fall Festival at Lake Meyer today and everyone brought food and games.  There was bowling ( our contribution, huge hit), apple bobbing, pumpkin crafts, apple spin, pin the nose on the pumpkin, pumpkin seed straw pickup, and witch hat toss.  The kids all took turns playing all the games and playing on the playground.  We had about 25 kids ages 0-14, some dressed up in costumes and some just Continue reading

science – apples

We took three apples and planned on doing a science project with them but well you’ll see… We barred one apple, put one in a bag, and just left the other on the ground to see which one would get moldy first… The next morning we went out side to see if either had gotten molder or the idea was to take a picture every day this is what they found…