Best deal of the day: iPads for carschool.

ipad mini used

Used iPad education, or carschool. If you travel like us this is essential too for carschool.  The best tool I have found for doing school work in the car. Carschooling is when you are learning while in the car. We play games, get into lots of long discussions, and do stuff on our iPad. The iPad is great for education games, movies, and searching the internet. I wanted to share some great deals I have found. Continue reading

Slumber party

 Slumber Party Yes, I am nuts I let 12 girls spend the night.  I was shocked at how good they all behaved and how much fun everyone had at the slumber party. The girls started off the day with their  roller skates, watched a movie, read some stories, played littlest  pet shop, played a few games on the iPad, and then ended up doing a fashion show. Ok it really was a nice night since Continue reading

Teach kids Algebra with Hands on Equation in 3rd grade

Teach your children the joys of learning algebra with Hands-On Equations. Since algebra deals with abstract symbols many students have difficulty conceptualizing mathematics.  The visual and kinesthetic approach of Hands-On Equations enables students to literally grasp algebraic concepts concretely, pictorially and then abstractly Algebra can be a tricky subject to master but with the help of Hands on Equation 1 , equations like 4x+2=3x+9 become child’s play! The app takes advantage of the iPad’s visual and touch Continue reading

Eyes Doctor and a trip to the library

eye doctor

Today we went and saw the eye doctor and McKenzey and I had our eye’s checked. Belle and Mac asked lots of questions about the different tools that the eye doctor used. They both thought the machine that he used to see if my vision had changed was really cool. A trip to the Library After a fun visit to the eye doctor, the girls asked to go to the library. Belle’s reading is improving. Continue reading


Yep the girls worked on their iPad most of the morning and played some games and learned a little too! MATH…. Math Blaster HyperBlast 2This game lets outsmart the alien robots, blast through the razor-sharp blockades and speed past the stars on this mega-math adventure. The universe is counting on you…do you have what it takes to complete the mission. Motion Math: Hungry GuppyMotion Math  mental addition and subtraction with Motion Math: Hungry Fish, a Continue reading

Ipad games

Yep and your kids can learn a little too…. I updated my page (ok got it working).  You can find  all the educational games you want for your iPad 2, and a couple of fun ones too. I did all the dirty work – just go to the page on your iPad and click on the link and you go right to the page that will allow you to buy. iPad Apps page