Day with Antique Cars, friends and coffee at Old Fort McAllister

We had the best day looking at antique cars with friends at Old Fort McAllister. The girls grandparents take tours all over the US with their antique car clubs.  This rally was part of a local antique car club, AACA or Antique Automobile Car Association, and were joined by several other antique clubs and enthusiast. Our day started by borrowing my 1959 Corvette, Black Beauty, and following my parents to the Richmond Hill Publix. Everyone Continue reading

Adventures of Gloups the French puppet

Have you ever wanted to travel the world, learn about different cultures, customs, learn a new language, even eat new food and have an adventure of a life time?  Well, a French puppet named, Gloups, is getting to do that this year. Follow along with us and the many Adventure of Gloups. He started his journey in Jean-Pierre, France flew across the ocean to  Livingston, Texas and  then to Jacksonville Florida. The girls mapped out Gloups flight Continue reading