Unschool Zoo science and around the world


Reid Park Zoo was small but had a many animals throughout the zoo.  It was fun seeing live animals after spending the day at the Sonora Desert Museum. We enjoyed reading the signs about each animal and I enjoy quizzing the girls about certain facts to see if they remember from the last zoo. I didn’t take a lot of pictures this time because Munchy and Hubby got to practice some photography.  She is really enjoying her photography classes and has now finished 2 beginner photography classes on lynda.com. Unfortunately the pictures didn’t turn out because we were working with Continue reading

Wildlife refuge at Georgia Southern

wild life refuge

Our crazy rv adventure has sent us into overdrive and with all of our packing, moving, deciding what to get rid of and what to keep we still managed to take a field trip to Georgia Southern Wild Life Refuge. We got to learn about different habitats, touch creepy crawly snakes, see birds fly and spend time with our homeschool friends. Our guide started the kids off by talking about the three different habitats where animals live.  The kids were broken up into groups and given a clip board to mark where each animal might live. Next we went into a classroom where Continue reading

4H savannah beach


4H Savannah Beach What kid wouldn’t like to have class at the beach. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any. So while all those normal kids got up bright and early and went to go sit in a desk for 8 hours we learned how to take care of exotic animals, feed them, clean out their cages and even watched a snake eat a mouse. We started off by learning about what Animals need, and here are some of the things the kids came up with: Food, water, shelter, habitat, clean cage, love, play time, space, Continue reading

Columbia Zoo

Animals and Gardens at Columbia Zoo The Columbia Zoo was almost as much fun as the museum.  We made it before the huge crowds on Saturday and before the heat.  The best part is that they were cleaning the cages and feeding some of the animals, and that is always fun to watch.  My favorite was feeding the giraffes, I love how long their tongues are.  In the bird habitats it is always fun to pick out the all different birds and find them in their cages and see how well they is camouflaged.  What Belle pointed out to me Continue reading

oooey gooey spiders – Bill Nye science guy

What is the best way to learn about oooey gooey spiders… Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Big Blast of Science, one of the movies we got at the library. After we found some old Halloween science experiments that I got at the dollar store. The girls read the instructions and the spider, eggs and the huge eye-ball has been sitting in water for a week. I got the girls to think about why the water made the items grow, we all guess how big we thought they would get, what would happen when we took them out of the water. Continue reading

Relaxing day Jacksonville Zoo

This weekend we went to Jacksonville to see my cousin’s new baby boy, and visit his very cool older brother.  Then after everyone held the precious little boy we went to the Jacksonville Zoo to see some animals.  The girls showed Michael their classroom, and then gave him a tour of the zoo and told us all the neat stuff they had been learning in class.  

Wetlands – Jacksonville Zoo class

I love it when we have our class at the Jacksonville Zoo.  We get 3 hours to go shopping without any kids (huge treat) and the kids have so much fun seeing the zoo animals, playing games, making crafts and leaning a little something about the animals and the environment. Jacksonville Zoo Class Today was about the wetlands, oceans, and what creatures live there and how they affect our ecosystem.  We did a jeopardy quiz on the vocabulary they should have learned in the class and Belle and Mac took some pictures as they walked around the zoo.  So enjoy….

21 questions about animals

They learned how to play 21 questions at their zoo class and have been playing it all day. One person thinks of an animal, then the other people have to ask 21 questions to try to guess what animal they are thinking of. They start by general questions, like does it have fur, lay eggs, live on land, have gills, is it a mammal, reptile, ….. you get the idea…. we played this all day today and sometimes we got stumped and sometimes we guessed by the second question. I also asked the girls to describe the four categories bird, mammal, Continue reading