Follow are bucket list as we travel the USA


Follow are bucket list as we travel the USA and visit historic sites, beautiful landscapes, roadside fun, zoos, and aquariums. We are going to do stuff that we can’t do in our home town like white water rafting, hand gliding, horse back riding in the mountains, polar bear plunge in the gulf of Mexico and even zip lining, just to name a few.  I will be adding, editing, and taking away places as we travel. Continue reading

Who was Annie Oakley?

annie oakley

Annie Oakley, one of America’s greatest and all time coolest women that ever lived.  She was a sharp shooter and one of the best know for her show with Buffalo Bill.  I thought it would be fun to read about Annie Oakley because it would show how a determined little girl never gave up.  How she practiced and practiced shooting till she got it right every time. Annie Oakley was an independent women who had Continue reading