Pickney Island National Wildlife

We went to pickney Island and oh did we get lost – OK really we just went down the wrong road and got to the end and decided we should turn around – took us an extra hour to get home but Isabelle thought we were lost and never going to get home … We saw a fiddler crabs and chased them all over the dried up pond- we saw lots of birds and a baby alligator.  Then we Continue reading

Guess what jumping in the water


Can you guess what jumping in the water? We have guessed everything from baby alligator, lizard, or a snake. The latest guess by the girls is a baby Loch Nes monster. Finally, we able to sneak up on the jumping animals. They are turtles that were jumping in the water when we got to close. Michael got pictures walking Jack the other day.  They are the size of a dinner plate and we think they Continue reading

Awesome library books to learn about alligators and French

Library books are Awesome! We have found so many resources at the awesome library books, We got a french DVD to learn french (Uncle Tom and my brother will be so proud). A French cat in the hat dictionary and we check out 10 books more books to read this week. The girls love the french CD so much they have been asking me to play it every morning. McKenzey also started asking me about alligators. Continue reading