What is a typical day of unschooling like?

typical unschool day

Today was not like any other day because everyday is different when you follow an unschooler or unschooled kid.  We might do some of the same things but maybe do them in a different order, play different games or even just go to a different place to do it.  For instant today we did math like we do every day, but today they did algebra, actually two algebra games: Hands-On Equations 1 – The Fun Continue reading

Teach kids Algebra with Hands on Equation in 3rd grade

Teach your children the joys of learning algebra with Hands-On Equations. Since algebra deals with abstract symbols many students have difficulty conceptualizing mathematics.  The visual and kinesthetic approach of Hands-On Equations enables students to literally grasp algebraic concepts concretely, pictorially and then abstractly Algebra can be a tricky subject to master but with the help of Hands on Equation 1 , equations like 4x+2=3x+9 become child’s play! The app takes advantage of the iPad’s visual and touch Continue reading