Five Ways to Save on your Grocery Bill and Roadschool or Unschool Lesson Ideas

Saving money while you travel is very important, and it is a very good lesson for the kids.  We all know it is getting more expensive to live and eat, so saving money anywhere you can help out greatly.  Another problem we Roadschoolers have is that we all live in a home on wheels that is about the size of a New York apartment or maybe your first studio apartment when you attended college (about 300 Continue reading

Do nothing days or lazy days

We love to do nothing days or lazy days. What does that mean for an Unschooler. It means you take it easy and have a relaxed day. Sometimes we might watch movies all day. Other days it might mean swimming, sleeping late, washing the dog, making posters. It basically is whatever kind of laid back day you want. The great thing about these day is they all can be counted as school days. We are Continue reading