We are off… To see the World!

It is 5pm Wednesday and we are finally off on our adventure. Rubber Ducky ( the hubby) has been sick last couple nights, we lost our extra keys for the camper or hopefully misplaced them, and we have way too much stuff. We off to see the US the way everyone dreams of, in a RV. We want say bye to all our friends and family. We will miss you dearly but promise to keep Continue reading

McIntyre Family adventure begins November 1st

photography 101

The count down begins for the McIntyre family adventure… Starting November 1st 2013 we are going to move into a RV and travel the US, Canada and maybe even Mexico.  Yes we are moving into a 400 sq. ft. box on wheels, and yes we are nuts!  I got off the same walkway as everyone else 4 years ago when I decided to dive into homeschooling (or unschooling) , with no idea of what I Continue reading

Geocaching – Skidaway Island

Geocaching is a fun treasure hunt that the whole family can do for FREE. All you need is a GPS or better yet the geocaching app on your iPhone. I found out there are over 2 million geocaching places all over the world. Here is basically how it works… Geocaching Intro FREE Geocaching 9.99 You open up your app and find a geocaching that is near you that you would like to find. Click on Continue reading