Learn math with Grocery Store Challenge: Unschool Style

grocery math

Who says you can’t do math while you at the grocery store?  Going to the grocery store is not my kids’ favorite thing to do.  So, I made up a fun game with a Grocery Store Challenge while we shopped for our groceries.   What you need for Grocery store challenge Paper pen grocery list – you can pick them or have the kids calculator special prize How to play I made up a list Continue reading

How to play Uno Math war games & make Halloween stories

Follow our Unschool day as e play Uno Math war games today with a deck of Uno cards. The girls practiced addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division. What you need to play Uno Math War games deck of Uno cards pen, pencil, or crayons scissors paper cut into little squares make all the symbols (+ – = X ) – we made several of each How to play First, divide the cards in half and gave Continue reading

Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time

This is how Unschoolers learn multiplication and telling time. We don’t use worksheets or take tests. The best way to learn is by making learning fun. We now have two eggs in our little basket. Today the girls put a bird feeder full of birdseed. They wanted it right by the basket so the mommy bird would not have to far to go to find food. As Unschoolers learn we learned multiplication by taking a walk or Continue reading

Twisted Uno Math Game

Twisted Uno

The twisted Uno math game came about because the kids wanted to get creative. Mac thought we should make a new kind of board game. We made up the rules as we played. You need these items to play Deck of cards, we used Uno dice place holder, we used McDonald happy meal pieces A calculator might help also How to play Twisted Math First, we laid all the numbers in the Uno deck out like a Continue reading

We studied Geometry by playing Pirate Putt-Putt math

We studied Geometry by playing Pirate Putt-Putt math . The kids learned about studying angles, points, lines,  all by playing Pirate Putt-Putt. We went through one time completely.  Then McKenzey had to go potty so we went the second by skipping ahead. We jumped ahead of a lot of people.  The girls both got holes in one so the nice owner gave us 2 free games. After some Putt-Putt math I let the girls each get Continue reading

Make learning fun playing Dart math: Unschool Style

dart math

Make learning fun by playing dart math how Unschoolers do it. The girls played dart math today. I bet you are wondering what that is and how to do it. You could do this with nerf guns, darts, rubber bands, or just have them run and touch the number. Heck, let the kids come up with the rules, make it fun. How to play Dart Math Well, it’s a game the girls made up. Here Continue reading