Grocery Store math

grocery math

Who says you can’t do math while you at the grocery store?  Going to the grocery store is not my kids favorite thing to do.  So, I made it a fun game at the grocery store,  a math challenge while we shopped for our groceries.  I made up a list of about 10 things we needed at the grocery store, wrote it on a piece of paper and then put it into 3 columns.  The Continue reading

October Math war games and Halloween stories

We played math war games today with a deck of uno cards. The girls practice our addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division. I divided the cards in half and gave each girl one deck. We started by playing addition math war game by laying two cards down and adding them together and who ever had the highest number got all four cards. We did the same thing with subtracting the cards, multiplying, and dividing the cards. Continue reading


We now have 2 eggs in our little basket and today the girls put a bird feeder full of bird seed right by the basket so the mommy would not have to far to go to find food…. We worked on our times table while we ez-rollered all the way to the marina (2 miles)  – 5,6,7,8 – so far Belle is really getting the hang of it and now she is really do much better on her addition.  Continue reading

math, science – games

Uno Math Game First we layed all the numbers in the Uno deck out like a spiral Then we found some dice…. Here is how to play….Roll dice – number you roll is how many places you can move – when you get to that number you must multiply the numbered you rolled by the card number If you miss you have to go back – and the second player gets to try an answer Then the Continue reading

We studied Geometry by playing Pirate Putt-Putt math

We studied Geometry by playing Pirate Putt-Putt math . The kids learned about studying angles, points, lines,  all by playing Pirate Putt-Putt. We went through one time completely.  Then McKenzey had to go potty so we went the second by skipping ahead. We jumped ahead of a lot of people.  The girls both got holes in one so the nice owner gave us 2 free games. After some Putt-Putt math I let the girls each get Continue reading

Dart math

The girls played dart math today, and I bet you are wondering what that is…. Well it’s a game the girls made up. The girls found two boxes and drew different shapes on the box with a permanent marker and then wrote different numbers in each shape and around. The girls then took turns trying to hit the numbers and adding them up. I gave them a calculator to make sure they were adding everything Continue reading