Free actives to do with kids in Mobile, Alabama

Free kids activities in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama is fun place to take kids and one of our favorite cities.  It is always hard to find free activities to do with kids while you are traveling.  One of our favorite things to do is go downtown to the historic district and find the welcome center.  This time we hit the Jack Pot with advice. Mobile, Alabama has tons of free activities, places to go and even a bus that will take Continue reading

Mobile Alabama rained moon pies, beads and stuffed toys for Mardi Gras Parade

Moon pies, beads, and stuffed toys rained from the skies last night on the streets of Mobile Alabama. The Mardi Gras Parade for the bowl started off with policemen on iron horses riding up and down the streets of Mobile and demonstrating their prowess on their hogs by doing figure eights with up to three officers on the tight streets of the city.  Then came the Segway police force followed by the horse mounted police Continue reading

12 fun activities to do with Legos

We have been stuck in our little house on wheels because it has been raining for the past couple days so the girls decided they would do legos.  The girls came up with 12 fun activities to do with Legos and started our Master builders and did 4-6 designer books to make cars, spaceships, space station, robots, and a house. The girls had so much fun they are asking Santa for robots that they can Continue reading