Story Writing – our least favorite subject

Normal school is about to start for most kids, so I thought I would get the girls back into the swing of things. I decided this year that I wanted them to do more story telling, writing, spelling, and work on grammar. My kids hate every one of these things and would rather eat mud pies. With all that said this is how today went…

The girls started the day by doing the usual, brushing teeth and hair, eating breakfast and asking if we can have pajama day. I love pajama days so the answer is always yes if we have nowhere to go, like today. Since I and the hubby cleaned out the green room and there is lots of space now, they decided to have a carpet picnic with all of their dolls.They also braided hair, changed outfits on each girl and had a fight with one.

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Then they decided to brush the dolls hair. I found a really cool trick to brushing doll hair – turtle wax – leather cleaner and conditioner, water and a doll brush

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While they were doing that I put on a movie on Netflix, Voyage of the butterfly (Wild Kratts ) and Disney Nature: Wings of Life

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The writing assignment I gave them was: Write a story with a flower in it….

Munchy’s Story:
One day a little girl planted a white rose and it got sun burned because…it was siting in the sun on the longest day of the year, The summer solstice. It turned pink then a fairy saw it and gave it a little sparkle.

That night was the longest night of the year so the rose got moon burned. Then it got eaten by a lion and the lion thought that it was yummy. But then the lion barfed it back up and then barf berries grew.

Then a door ate a barf berry and naturally it barfed then it went home. When the door got home it stared at the toilette in the dark. Then it stared at the person writing the story in the dark like she was crazy.

Huggy’s story – who has decided to make a story with pictures and all…

A little girl planted a white rose. She wanted to make a garden. She called the fairies to help her plant the rest of the roses. They helped her plant white and blue and many more colored roses. Then they planted some apple trees an orange trees. The little girl said it is time for bed because they had been working all day.

A group of wand fairies were around the neighborhood that night. They saw a parrot then they all took cover. One fairy hid in a rose from the garden. She thought the garden was so pretty she wanted the garden for herself.

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