Story of how Petrified Wood was made

petrified forestWe visited the petrified forest walked the trail and did the Jr. Ranger Program.  The girls learned about dinosaurs, and how the forest was petrified.  We learned why all the petrified wood had so many beautiful colors.  This is an amazing place and is a must see not only for history and science.

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Munchy and  Huggs creative story of how petrified forest was made:

Many moons ago when the smurfs came to be they found giant wood trees. They started to live in them and one day they all started to sink in the mud.  The smurfs ran out of their homes and found some mushrooms to live in down the road.  Centuries later, they came back to see their old homes. Instead of finding a beautiful forest they found a big dry desert.

Sweet Smurf said “Dessert land?” Brainy Smurf said “ No silly is a desert it’s a dessert , it’s not filled with yummy treats.”  Then Sweet Smurf said “Why did I find giant sprinkles?” Brainy Smurf replied “Those aren’t giant sprinkles those are giant broken petrified logs.”

Sweet Smurf said ” I will show you. I will taste one and prove it.” He broke a tooth.  Brainy Smurf said this is why I am called Brainy.  All the Smurf’s say together “How did they get petrified?”

Brainy explains:

“There was a big flood, when the flood dried out all that was left was mud.  So the trees were covered completely by the mud. They could not get any oxygen, as they decayed mineral in the ground replaced the wood.  The organic material was replaced and harden to make the stone and the beautiful colors.”



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