Stocking the Lake at Diamond Lake

Unschooling is about asking questions, finding answers and asking more questions.  We love this process and use it in every aspect of our life.  Today we learned how the lake at Diamond Lake gets stocked with fish. We were able to ask the manager of the marina and the fish guys lots of questions – here a few:

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  • Did the lake naturally have fish in it when it was first discovered?  No we have been stocking the lake as long as I can remember
  •  How many fish do they put in at a time?  Today we are adding 4,000 fish to the lake, which will take two truck loads
  • People have been complaining about not catching any fish did something happen to them?  Yes, it didn’t snow as much up here as usual so the lake has gotten too hot and killed a lot of the fish
  • You just check the temperature of the lake. What does it need to be to add the fish so they will survive?  below 75 – it is about 68 degrees now
  • Why did you add water from the lake to the tank?  We mix the lake water and the water they came in so it won’t be such a shock when the enter the lake
  • Do you count the fish so you know how much to add next year?  Yes, we actually stun the fish – so they float to the top and then a team counts how many fish are in the lake
  • A camper said that you could fish a couple of years ago. What happened?  The fish got sick and too many people were bringing live bait so we had to clean the lake – we hope it is fixed now
  • Why are some fish floating on the bottom?  Are they dead?  No they are in shock – see they are fine – but some will not make it and I will just get most of these out
  • Can we jump in a catch the fish with our hands? (the most important question) – yea go for it  – MUNCHY caught her first and only fish with her hands!!!!

IMG_4754The rest of the week we took it easy by swimming in the lake.  YES, Huggs actually went swimming in 65 degree water.  I think it helped that it was 85 – 90 degrees outside and they were desperate to just cool off. She has been practicing her archery and is getting better and better. Belle has been working on making sleeping bags for every one of her monster high dolls and barbies ( this kid is so talented).

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In our spare time (which is all the time) the girls have been following a family of ducks.IMG_4780  There are two mommies and 17 babies.  We have found out where they sleep at night, where they take their naps, what happens when one or two babies get separated.  We have watched as mom has tried to eat a boat for almost hitting her baby (she was so mad at that boat).  The girls also caught a frog and kept it over night to observe it.  They decided he would be happier in the wild than suck in a cage.

We also got to see amazing fireworks (my phone was acting up so pics are not great)that are shot off every year at Diamond Lake.  We were told by the locals that they are the best in the area and amazingly lasted 20 minutes.  If there is enough snow on Mt. Bailey the local UPS guys skies down the mountain with flares but he was unable to do it this year.

We are now on the road toward Michigan.  So watch as we see more of America, add more states, zoos, museums, etc to our exciting traveling list. I am so happy to be moving again but we loved Diamond Lake and all the wonderful people we meet there.

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