Step back in time at Old Fort Niagara and learn how three countries occupied this fort

We love taking Unschooling field trips to visit historic sites and  our favorite so far was the visit to Old Fort Niagara.  The paid entry fee gets a tour guide with 30 other guests, short movie and array of wonderful volunteers.  The volunteers were great at answer questions and teaching first hand what it was like to live during that era. I always say life experiences are often be the best teachers.

IMG_1904Our tour began with a five minute movie that explained the history of the fort. The movie showed how three different countries occupied the fort during different eras: France, Britain and the United States. Our tour guide started in the museum and explained the history of the Garrison Flag. Mr. Ben explained how it was captured by the British and bought back by the US. We learned why it had 15 stars and stripes and girls were surprised to learn that every time we gained a state they added a star and strip to the flag.

IMG_1921We then made our way to the “Trading Post” as the guide explained the purpose of the different buildings. We learned about the different fortifications along the way and what culture built them. In each of the buildings were volunteers to explain different aspects of life of the time period. Our last activity included watching a live demonstration of a flint lock rifle being fired.

Flint Lock Rifle 

IMG_1929We gave this tour eight and half out of ten popcorns because of the price and how much we learned. Volunteers are placed all around the fort to answer questions. Every penny of your entrance fee goes toward restoration of the fort. Tip:  go early in the day to have the best chance at talking to the different volunteers.


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