Sports Rock Spring Fling- gymnastics

The girls had their first gymnastics competition. They basically learned a routine, practiced for  2 weeks and then did it for a judge.  Anyway, very laid back all the kids that take from Mrs. Jamie competed and then the cheerleaders showed us there routines.  Everyone got ribbons, metal and goody bags. So, here are some videos and pictures of all the stuff they did. They did routines on the Bars, Floor, Vault and then Balance Beam. Mac started off crying not wanting to do it. She ended up with a smile once she got out there with the other kids and got 9’s and one 8.   Not to bad for the first time competing.

Belle was so excited she couldn’t stand it. She needed lots of hugs during the day because it took four hours. Everyone got to do there thing. She made 8’s on everything. Which is awesome for her age.

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