Spelling, spelling spelling

Ok, we didn’t do spelling all day but we did  spelling most of the day. The elves on the shelves got the Bananagrams Game going last night, so we decided to barrow some of their letters and do our own scrabble game. We first came up with lots of christmas words, tried to spell them, game to race and spell them, and we Mac came back while her sister was playing with something else and do it on our own just for fun. I think Mac did the scrabble game about 20 times today.

Then after both girls got bored with scrabble we did our second round of Writer’s jungle. Today we just copied the Poems and tried to spell everything correctly, and made sure punctuation was correct. Not to bad for round two – no complaints – but I still don’t know how I feel about the whole radical unschooling. Kids learn what they need, when they need it, and how they need to learn it – we should not push them because eventually they will get it. It’s just really hard as a parent to watch your child struggle at something you know other kids in “normal school” are doing better at, but I am reminded how I bad I spell (got to love my husband for that).

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