Homeschool class on space and Steam class using legos

Homeschool class was on space and a Steam class using Legos. We started today at the Salvation Amy  where Mr. Walter from the library did a presentation on the solar system.  I asked the girls what they learned and they came up with 10 things:

  1. There would have been 20 planets but Pluto had a couple of dwarf buddies and we can’t count those as planets
  2. There is no such thing as the dark side of the moon – only one side faces the moon all the time20120920-171315.jpg
  3. Compared to the sun Beetle Juice is small
  4. Scientist thought the moon was a bunch of rocks and collided together to form one rock
  5. When old galaxy fade away they explode or turn into rocks
  6. rocks are so hot that when they cool down they fall
  7. 2006 rings were discovered on Uranus and Neptune
  8. Jupiter’s grey clouds look like grey stripes
  9. All planets have poisonous gas except earth – scientist think
  10. You can get tones of books at the library on the solar system

20120920-171348.jpgNext Brick 4 Kids (located on HH) came and showed the kids how to build a satellite and a rocket that might orbit the earth.  They put the small and big kids together so they could help each other.  All the kids got excited when they finished with each project because they moved.




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