Sonora Desert Museum Unschooling Taxadermy science

IMG_3226Some may say that learning with taxidermy is just gross but I say it is an awesome way to see these animals upclose.  I was blown away at Sonora Desert Museum by how big some of these animals actually are, like the polar bear compared to the brown bear.  It was amazing to get so close to the animals that you could almost touch them. We have been to a lot of zoos and have seen many animals interacting with each other  in their natural habitats but this is just a new way to look at them.  We also learned about conservation, and how each President has helped over the years. Effort to bring endangered populations back and saw many animals we had never seen before.  The museum was very interactive and amazing display of butterfly and moths.

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Again the best thing was it was free for us because we bought the Boonshoft Museum family passes that allows are whole family in FREE to over 200 museums across USA and Canada for a whole year.  It is worth getting if you plan on doing any traveling and want to add some education into your fun adventures.


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