Solve Case 7

Case 7 is one that I cannot figure out and we need your help agents.  Dr. Hucklebuckle is up to her old tricks and has once again stolen a very important part of history.  Watch the video kids and help us solve case 7, tell us the name of the item and what she stole.  Good Luck Agents!!

The Answer to last week case  6 was….The Park Guell in Barcelona

wall-mural-park-guell park guell1

Well, she has returned the Park back to Barcelona but has now stolen another monument.  The girls have watched a great video on subject in Netflix, you tube, and we found a great website just for kids – unfortunately I cannot tell you the title so stay tuned and next week where I will give you the titles….

Great job agents!!  We need more help for case 7….so please take a guess …

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