Solve case 3

It’s time for case 3 agents and yes Dr. Huckbuckle has stolen…. oops I almost told you. Agents think cold think very cold, I am so cold my brain hurts. Agent I need you to watch the videos to get the clues to figure out what she has stolen, hurry agents! She might freeze me it you don’t watch these videos fast.

wrightThe Answer to last week, case 2, was:

The Wright brothers Airplane at the Smithsonian

Agent Rylee  – you are in the lead with 10 villain bucks – great job!!

Dr. Hucklebuckle just needed it to fly to the next remote destination.  You will never guess what she stole this time.  We need your help agents – watch the video and see if you can figure out what Dr. Hucklebuckle has stolen….

First clue is -16.8 Celsius

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