Skate Party

We had an amazing skate party today and what a turn out! We had 140 skaters from all over the Savannah area. I am really excited about the turn out and am planning a end of the year skating party in May. We are also planning on doing a day camp but more on that Monday-ish, I am exhausted from our long day.

We started our day at Scribble Art studio at our weekly art class. The kids drew a mounted deer that looked like it was on a tree trunk. All the kids did a great job and really had a lot of fun painting and drawing.

20130214-182527.jpg 20130214-182650.jpg 20130214-182644.jpg 20130214-182637.jpg 20130214-182619.jpg 20130214-182605.jpg 20130214-182558.jpg 20130214-182550.jpg 20130214-182543.jpg 20130214-182536.jpg

Then we had our Ghoul Scout pizza party at Mellow Mushroom, but I forgot to take pictures. oops!!

Then we had our awesome skate party! Check out all the pics….

20130214-182657.jpg 20130214-183902.jpg 20130214-183855.jpg 20130214-183850.jpg 20130214-183831.jpg 20130214-183824.jpg 20130214-183811.jpg 20130214-183805.jpg 20130214-183755.jpg 20130214-183750.jpg 20130214-183744.jpg 20130214-183738.jpg 20130214-183732.jpg 20130214-183726.jpg 20130214-183719.jpg 20130214-182703.jpg

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