How to Set Up a Home Aquaponics Kit

Our interest hydroponics and aquaponics started at Epcot. We went on the behind the seeds tour, “Behind the Seeds” at the Living with the Land Ride.  This is one of the lower cost behind the scenes tour. The price was around $20 per person and kids are a little less at $16 for ages 3-9.  We tried starting a hydroponics system a couple of years ago with a little success but failed when the kids lost interest.

How set up your Home Aquaponics KitThis time, we decided to try it again but instead we wanted to do an aquaponics system and found a very easy home kit that you can buy right here and follow along with us. We will show you how to set up your home aquaponics kit step by step, and in a couple of months show you how our fish, Mr. Bubbles, and plants are doing.

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Savannah HydroponicsThe research started off by visiting our local hydroponics store right here in Savannah, Savannah Hydroponics & Organics. We drove out to the store and met Andrew who explained how hydroponics worked, though he didn’t want any movies or pictures taken of him.  We learned a lot and he found us a kit to get started.

How setup a Home Aquaponics Kit

This is a video of the two guys that started the Aqua Farm…. Enjoy!

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