I love science field trip Friday

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I love science field trip Friday, it’s The third Friday of the month. In the morning we go to science class with the savannah homeschool group (SUHN), lunch, playground, art class, trip to HH, see daddy, mini golf, and finish with dance party at Island Playground.


4H science class was all about turtles. The teacher told us about the parts of the turtle, the different categories of turtles, all the kids got to touch turtles, and even hold them. Belle, Mac and the other kids were so excited about turtles they asked lots of very good questions. Like, Do all turtles have claws? Why are the back legs more webbed than the front? Do turtles get new shells when the old one is too small? How long do they live? Can they hold there breath? Does mama sea turtles lay hundreds or just ten eggs? How many babies survive? and so many more. All of the parents were very impressed.


Next we went to our favorite joint to eat, Five guys, then to the playground around the corner to let the kids get some energy out. Then off to art class at Scribble Art Studio. This time the kids made a painting to enter in a contest for the library. They first had to draw 9 animals, pick there favorite animals and draw it bigger for the poster, and it had to have a book in the picture.

We finished the day with a short trip to HH to see daddy, play mini golf at our favorite place, Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf, next to Hilton Head Diner. Mr. Pat, always gives the girls a free game. Last we took the girls to the dance party while we went to dinner.

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