Science and history behind essential oils and why I love them

I had the opportunity to review a diffuser and several essential oils.  To be honest I was hesitant and thought this was another scam.  Boy, was I wrong, not only did we fall in love with our essential oils and have used it nonstop from day one but it led us to learn the science and history behind essential oils.

Let me start by saying that I did get some of the oils for free and then bought the diffuser.  I also agreed to try the Petal Diffuser and oils because I was interested in the products mainly because many of my Fulltime Families use them in their campers (which make them smell amazing).

IMG_8217Munchy (my 12 years old) fell in love with essential oils the first day we opened our package.  She loves it so much she now adds different oils to our diffuser and makes Huggs and I guess which ones they are and then proceeds to tell us how we should feel.  In Unschool tradition, this led us to finding out the science and history behind these amazing essential oils.  Each oil has a different, natural effect on your brain and different combinations can help you feel amazing.

The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used essential oils for cosmetics, perfumes, and drugs. They have also been used for spiritual, therapeutic, hygienic, and ritualistic purposes. While there is no real scientific evidence every experiment done has pointed toward the positive. Click here for more info 

IMG_8216I was amazed with the essential oils even more when I woke with my head pounding and after I rubbed Lavender on my hands (just a few drops) the world seemed so much better.  Lavender which is my favorite so far, has also proven to help calm and relax, soothe occasional skin irritations, and eases muscle tension. Lemon can help clean a white board, will make you happy and joyful, and help cleans the air. Peppermint can help promote healthy respiratory function and help clear breathing, alleviates stomach upset, and you can use it in your toothpaste. Balance promotes body relaxation, evokes feelings of tranquility and balance. Wild Orange is a powerful cleanser, protects against seasonal and environmental threats, high in antioxidants, and uplifting to the mind and body

To find out even more information about essential oils, how to use them, why they work, effectively, most important oils to keep on hand, emotional, physical and even medicinal benefits, reduce your costs and save money, all while making over your medicine cabinet, and  FREE stuff. Join Amber Nordstrom on  June 22 for a live webinar. To reserve your spot:

June 22

We also found a video that explains how essential oils explain how essential oils help kill bacteria.  Amazing that a natural product can do so much for the body, mind and sole.

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