Fulltime Families Summer Scavenger Hunt

This is the second week of the Full Time Families Summer Scavenger Hunt. We are in the middle of doing a scavenger hunt along with lots of other families that travel full-time. This is a picture scavenger hunt so you can do it from anywhere. The cool part is you don’t have to be traveling in a little house on wheels.  You could win $250!!   Who couldn’t  use a little extra cash right?


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Week 1 Challenges

Supporting your fulltime RV adventures and aspirations
Here are the pictures so far…. THIS IS THE  PRETTY SUNSET AT OUR CAMPGROUND


(#FTFLD1)“I can’t believe we all fit in here!” 600 – family pic in the small 2nd bathroom in our RV
(#FTFLD2) Picture a live farm animal 350We got this at a farm supply store – puppies that will one day live on a farm and be heard dogs

IMG_4922 IMG_4921 IMG_4920 IMG_4919
(#FTFLD3) Picture of a fountain 200 at a garden store and the mall

(#FTFLD4) Picture in a fountain 500my little rebels actually got in the fountain at the Garden store 

(#FTFLD5) Crossing the street in a cross walk 250 – we were just posing – shhh!
(#FTFLD6) In an elevator 300 at Macy’s Department store

(#FTFLD7) Decked out in Sporting Equipment 450 – can you tell the girls have never played softball??
(#FTFLD8) If you’re family was a ‘family band’ 700 with little kid instruments – I am the singer – not sure if we will make it!!!

(#FTFLD9) Swinging on a playground swing set 400 I actually made the girls sneak onto the church grounds and take this pic.

Week Part next 10 picutures

(#FTFLD10) Jumping on a trampoline  600 – The guy that worked their actually put this together just so we could take the picture

IMG_4911 IMG_4910
(#FTFLD11) A fire hydrant 200 – fire hydrant at our RV – by the way it is 107 in Richland,WA feels like home but I am not soaking wet!!
(#FTFLD12) A cactus 400 – I think it is a cactus for a lizard – and more we found at Lowes
IMG_4884IMG_4915 IMG_4914 IMG_4912

(#FTFLD13) A palm tree 400this is the only palm tree we could find in the state of Washington – a Cat Palm Tree

(#FTFLD14) A Christmas tree 400 – our baby Christmas tree – reminds me of snoopy
(#FTFLD15) Eating an ice cream by an ice cream sign (you’re welcome kids;) 800 yep, thanks, Full time families we loved the ice-cream stop!!
(#FTFLD16) In front of a grocery store 200 – Albertson – nope none of these back home
(#FTFLD17) The parents in the kids play area at a fast food restaurant 600 – I forgot how small these things are
(#FTFLD18) Playing video games 200 – always fun to play video games at Target – No kids you can’t have it!!

IMG_4880 IMG_4879

(#FTFLD19) An aquarium full of fish 450 – Do people really have fish tanks in their camper??


Week Part next 10 picutures

(#FTFLD20) With a grocery cart 200 (500 bonus points if a team member is in the cart) –
I love these pictures

IMG_4887IMG_4882 IMG_4881
(#FTFLD21) With one of those little car rides outside grocery stores 300Kids were so embarrassed – love doing this to my kids!!

(#FTFLD22) Caution tape 200 – We found some at Lowes

IMG_4918 IMG_4917
(#FTFLD23) An insect 200 (+500 if you identify the insect)No bugs in the state of Washington (or so we have been told)- so we found a insect book at Barnes and Noble ( They are ants)

IMG_4901 IMG_4900
(#FTFLD24) Park bench 300In the middle of our RV park

(#FTFLD25) Jump rope 200At Sports Authority – Hubby actually bought the jump rope – he says he is going to exercise   

IMG_4909 IMG_4906 IMG_4905

(#FTFLDBONUS1) WEB Challenge:  Go to http://www.lazydays.com/ to complete this task and post your screen capture + your pic to get your points: “Are you the Queen of your RV?” This is just right for you! Find it at Lazydays.com. Take a picture in a crown along with a screenshot of what you found. 1000 pts!
Our dream camper if we ever win the lottery (oh yea you have to play to win) – and Minni Mouse, Maleficient, Pirate Minni and Jack is wearing a crown as the Queen of the camper.

dream rv20140715-194602-71162886.jpgcrown pic

TOTAL = 11,400

I thought everyone would enjoy our first week’s pictures



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