SCAD family day filled with animation, cartooning, special effects

IMG_0878SCAD (Savannah College Art and Design) had a FREE family day and we got to do go with some friends.  The kids had the opportunity to learn the basics of cartooning, special effects, furniture design and see performing art.

We started off by stopping at the painting booth to paint: En Plein Air (paint a scene in the open air or outdoors), and all three girls did an amazing job but Belle still has to finish hers.  After some fresh air we made our way to the performing art stage.  The students did a mob line and improv in the style of the popular television show “Whose Line is it Anyway.”

We learned the basics of how to draw cartoon faces, and practiced drawing super heroes. We stopped at the Sculpture: Modular Slots (Use puzzle-like pieces called modular slots to assemble 3-D sculptural compositions, where the girls tried making some sculptors. It turned out to be really hard getting the pieces to fit together, so we gave up and moved on the next mini class.

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The girls learned all a neat new way of making furniture and shapes with a computer. We  actually found a really awesome program if you are interested in 3D modeling that allows you to sculpt a design from a basic human body, take a picture and make the picture into a sculpture, or choose a basic shape and manipulate it to make it your own.  The best part is they are all free and you only pay when you send the model in to get printed out of plastic. Also here is a review I found on the apps – they are really cool check them out:  123d creature review
123d Design123d Catch (picture)123d Sculpt

IMG_0894Next we tried to make our way to the special effects room, but it was so busy the girls didn’t want to wait.  They took a video of you in front of a green screen and you got the chance to act out scenes from different movies and once edited they would email it to you. The girls finished with some yummy ice cream at Leopold’s, which has a ton of history in Savannah.

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