SC State Museum

This is the night that history came alive.  We were first chased by the Mayans, and they took our bags. We ran up the stairs to the second floor and the animals were playing soccer and McKenzey was almost trampled by the mammoth.  We barely escaped when we ducked into the elevator where some other homeschooler were hiding and came out on the fourth floor and the indians and civil war troops were fighting and hitting each other on the head with their weapons….

Ok none of that happened but Belle sure thought it might (she loves Night at the Museum).  We really had a good time and plan on doing it next year.  We arrived at the state museum around 6:30 pm, and got our schedule.  First we put together a Mayan pot with a face on it (Mac and daddy rocked it) and learned about archeology.  One the next floor the girls made a clay necklace and put a hieroglyph like the Mayan’s used on it, and last Belle made a mask.  We were able to wander around the museum for a couple of hours, which was really cool because it seemed like you had the whole museum to your self, and last we got to go into the Mayan exhibit, but we were not able to take pictures.  We set up our little camp, eat dinner, played with the flash lights, got ready for bed and then went to sleep.  8 am we woke up and went to a well deserved breakfast with lots of coffee at Cracker Barrel, then off to the zoo….

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