Savannah Children Museum


What could be more fun than meeting a few friends at the NEW Savannah Children Museum.  There we six little girls total and man did they have fun.  Who says you can’t learn and play at the same time…. silly boring person.  The museum is located inside the Georgia State Railroad Museum, next to the Visitor’s Center.  It’s only $7.50 for the day or $75 for the family membership, and you get the children, railroad and History museum all year.  I was excited to find out it’s for 5 people so I can bring a friends for the girls. 

The girls and I gave the museum 4 popcorn out of 5.  They need more shade and more places for mom and dad to sit out of the heat.  I am sure with more money and time it will come, it really was a nice place and very well planned out.

Children Musem loading with activities

They have building blocks, and dress up, construction, plants, dominoes, checkers, a reading corner, army men that you can play with, a maze and much more.  They are adding on as soon as they get the money and have lots more space to expand even more.  Like one of the moms said by the time the girls are in college it will be really nice.  Maybe we can bring our grandkids if our kids survive.

We finished off the day by all having lunch at Roly Poly – they serve rolled up sandwiches and they were very resonable price and very good. We all made our way to the park and  played in the sprinklers at city market a block away.

I should find out how to get paid for the GREAT reviews – any ideas – anyone??

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