SAS Factory Tour in San Antonio Texas

IMG_2688If you are visiting San Antonio and can only visit one thing, then don’t miss out on the SAS Factory Tour.  Not only is this tour FREE but you also get to visit the old General Store that is adjoined to the factory.  I was amazed at how many steps that go into making these handmade, comfortable shoes for our older generation, and people with ankle and foot injuries.  The tour takes you through each step of the process and lets watch these men and women do their particular job to making a SAS shoe, some have done the same job for over 35+ years.  The shoes are not sold on the internet and in this factor they only sale the  defects for $30 – $200 less than in retail stores. We unfortionally were not allowed to take any pictures in the plant but we got lots in the General store.

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IMG_2694The girls loved the General Store mainly because of the candy.  You can fill a whole bag full of candy for only $2, not buy the pound, can you imagine?  A bag go Popcorn for 5 cents, a cup of Coca-Cola for a dime, a little bag of yummy honey roasted peanuts for a quarter (the kids bought it with their own money and had fun mixing and matching the different kinds to fill each bag). The owners collected antique cars and had them displayed all over the front of the factory like the 1933 Studebaker.  I thought my parents would get a kick out of see most of the cars, enjoy mom and dad. 🙂

The tours are not publicized and it was hard to find the info – so her ya go:

SAS is open Monday thru Sat from 9 to 6 (5 on Sat), but tours are only offered Mon – Thurs. at 9:15, 12:30, and 2:05. Prior signup for tours is not required, but space is limited, so it’s a good idea to sign up ahead of time to secure a spot. We did not signup and got lucky to get their right as the last tour started and they put us on a second bus.

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