A week full of a Royal wedding, Disney, and Easter Eggs: Unschool style

A week full of a Royal wedding, Disney, Easter Eggs and Brainquest. We have had one heck of week full of fun learning and Unschooling.

Royal Wedding

We started out the week by getting up at 4 am to watch the Royal wedding. I was super excited because I secretly love all things British. The best part was all of the histories in England and about the wedding. They had many facts about the English government.

We went and watched African Cats at the big movie theater at Downtown Disney. It was so good, and we learned all about cats. The girls asked many questions on the way home.  The best part of watching at that movie theater is you can have a big kid drink at the movie theater.

I bought the girl’s Brainquest workbooks, Yes we normally don’t use workbooks but the girls insisted. So, every morning the girls do two pages. This is included in their chores and they also have to make their bed. I make them clean their rooms. We are saving up for spending money when we visit Disney World.

Easter is upon us, and we colored Easter eggs and had lots of egg salad for the next day.  This is Belle’s new favorite food.  The Easter bunny came and left us lots of candy and brought us a really cool easter basket. 

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