Round House Train Station Savannah GA

I thought it would be fun on Sunday to go look at the Savannah Round House since they were having a bug exhibit at the Children museum right next door. They cancelled the bug exhibit because of the rain, so we just looked at all the old trains and around the round house instead.

We started off by looking at two trains that used to carry passengers during the 1950’s and 1920’s, The Columbia, and Atlanta. The girls were amazed at the difference in the potty between the two eras. I think the 50’s potty was nicer because it sometimes carried the President of the Railroad. The furnishing were nicer on the 50’s train also, but the neat thing to see was the phone. I forget the girls only have really used cell phones and don’t remember what it’s like to have to dial, let the phone ring and ring and ring and no answer, no answer machine, nothing. Just call back later when you have time.

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Then we made our way around the rest of the round house, looking at the tools and at the blacksmith shop, we learned how a Steam Engines works, and what tools they used to make the railroad. We checked out the garden that blacksmith shop guys could come and relax and get away from all the black smoke. We ended with my favorite spot which was the train set that looked like Savannah.

We then made our way to the girls favorite place, Children museum. The whole family played catch the giant ball, and took turns spinning each other. Then the girls played daddy at a game of connect four, which he won every time. They played in the maze, played with chalk, and of course we ended up playing keep away before we left for an adult drink and Liner (that’s between lunch and dinner).

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