Aerial adventure course at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Who says doing a aerial adventure or ropes course is not considered school. Well, when you Roadschool everything is considered school and a learning experience. At the Jackson Hole Grand Adventure Park in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort you can do a lot things. We paid $35 per person to do the Aerial adventure course, which included zip lining, that lasted for about hour and half or three times around the course. We chose this over the bungy jumping and rock climbing (which was only $13 per person). It was my birthday (I will be 29 again LOL) so I wanted to splurge.

Aerial adventure We also did some window shopping, everything was on sale since it is the end of the season, bought a couple t-shirts and  at ate lunch at the Mangy Moose. Nothing like eating at a restaurant with a cool name. If your interest you can rent bikes for $75 a day and to do the mountain bike trails and the Tram for only $37 per person, ride all the way to the top of the mountain. I would also advice renting body gear and a helmet the mountain looked pretty steep and rough (use your own judgement).

The highlight to fun and exciting day was getting stopped right out of Jackson to watch horse being moved from one pasture to the other. We of course saw Bison, crazy people 10 feet from them, prong horns, and another grizzle bear on the way home.


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