Roadside fun: Name the place in Georgia where Santa Claus visits

After Santa has made his trip around the world he needs a much-needed vacation. Santa Claus has several cities to choose from around the US.  The one here in Georgia is no bigger than a large postcard, (0.28 square feet).  Honestly, if you blink driving down State Street you might miss it.

Santa Claus, GAHave you guessed yet? That right it’s Santa Claus, Georgia with a population of 293.  and dirt roads that line the parameter. This quaint city has stop signs that look like candy canes and Christmas themed street names like Candy Cane Lane, Prancer Street, December Drive, Rudolph Way, and Sleigh Street. They have a visitor center, post office, city hall, and a new church.  The church was recently built (2014) which is open to the public 24/7.  The church has an open garden, walkways lined with benches, and a gazebo that faces the main road. If you ever visit Toombs County look for the Santa Clause signs that make the beginning and end to the city.

Seven towns names with a holiday theme:

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