Roadside Fun: Name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe

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Can anyone name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe to motorist? It all started in 1932 at a gas station during the Great Depression. Sanders Cafe is not on many people’s historical bucket lists, except my daughters, Munchy’s. Her favorite food is fried chicken, of course.

Colonel Sanders CafeThe story goes that Harland Sanders humble beginning to fame began by pumping gas. As more and more motorists asked Sanders to recommend a place to eat, he soon got the idea of serving yummy warm breakfast, with biscuits, eggs and chicken for lunch to motorist. He actually took out the gas pumps, built a small motel and started serving homemade fried chicken fast, fresh and crispy with his secret recipe. He got super inventive and really made a name for his chicken when no one could figure out his secret recipe and he refused to tell.

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Colonel SandersSadly, Corbin Kentucky got passed over when they built the highway and Colonel Sanders took off to the big city to sell his yummy chicken to restaurant owners. The very first franchise was in Salt Lake, Utah. You can still find the Sander’s Cafe where it all started, a small museum and the kitchen where it all started, even examples of how the hotel looked during the time period. We even enjoyed going to the Colonel Sanders Park, which was a couple of miles away. Also, don’t forget to check out the railroad museum (open sometime soon), and the trains on display.

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