Roadside Fun: Name the city where sweet onions are grown in Georgia

This small town got its fame from a movie starring a green ogar (Shriek) that help promote the sweet onions. The answer to this question, “In what city are sweet onion grown in the state of Georgia”, has been on countless tv shows, and game shows.img_0662 Most of my friends should get this answer in one guess since we live 1.5 hours away and grew up on the yummy vegetables.

They were first sold in a local grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, in Surrounding large cities like: Savannah, Macon and Augusta. These sweet onions were actually a fluke and become sweet because there was very little sulfur in the soil. img_0650This onion is the official state vegetable of Georgia and President Carter used to give them as White House gifts. Have you guessed which city grows Vidalia Onions? Vidalia is credited with growing the first sweet onion and has become a house hold name.


popcornWe visited the Vidalia Museum and was amazed about how nice it was. They had a sorting onion machine for the kids (which even my older kids enjoyed) to lay with, information on how the onion are grown and why they are so sweet. The history of the Vidalia Sweet onion, festival, pageant info, commercial that have been made out this onion, food recipes and so much more. We gave this museum 10 popcorn out of 10 because it was free, and really nice to visit. Cost is Free
Here more info in the Sweet Onions:


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