Roadside fun: Adventure in a building

Roadside fun guess this building

Fun adventures are be found everywhere. This adventure was all about a building and what may be inside. I think the adventure was more about what we might get to eat.

On our very last day at the happiest place on earth, Disney, we found it. The most amazing building ever seen by any child.  The girls insisted that we stop and of course try some of some ice cream (it was amazing).  

They offer homemade soft-serve ice-cream in 3 flavors, flavor burst, cups and cones, tons of toppings, twirls, shakes, slushies, sundaes, and even hotdogs. The 20-foot by a 20-foot high building is an American landmark. A 1983 masterpiece only found in Florida and legend among children everywhere.

Have you guessed yet? That’s right the 25’ tall fiberglass cone buildings is home to Twistee Treat ice cream. This adventure starts were they serve the best homemade soft serve ice cream. They now how locations in Texas and Florida.

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