Roadside America Trivia: Name The Register of the Desert

Let me paint a picture….  You have just traveled, by foot and/or wagon), for over 3 months and some families more than 1,000 miles. The family have encountered harsh rain, snow, indian country, broken limbs, and even death. You see in the distance this granite rock that is approximately 130 feet (not one of the highest ones around) and wagons, mules, cows, dogs and people.  You are relieved because it is only July 3rd and you made it in time to beat the winter.  Your family is so happy that your father starts carving names in the granite along with over 5,000 other names. Now it’s time to rest before we begin the rest of your journey. “If you traveled west in a covered wagon” is a great book to get you started on this adventure, and one of our favorites.

The Register of the DesertIf you guessed that the “Register of the Desert” is Independence Rock, then you guessed right!!  You win….. ok I don’t have anything but a huge imaginary pat on the back, good job. Independent Rock is not very  ‘Aw Inspiring’ from far away but I imagine the settlers were extremely excited when they saw it in the distance. This rock represented the half way point on the Oregon, California, and Morman Trail , and the Great Gold Rush.  If you made it to this rock by July 4th then you could make it to the west coast by winter. Of course there are stories about those who didn’t make it (a gruesome tale like the Donner Party. 

The Register of the DesertBelieve or not this granite rock, located just behind a rest area and has a fence around the entire perimeter.  We were very upset because it made us sad that people were defacing history and vandalizing it. On the other hand my husband felt that every generation should be able to carve their name as a right of passage, if they want to but he is Scottish/Irish after all and we are on our own great journey.

The Register of the DesertWe started traveling in a 5th wheel October 30th 2013, almost a 2 years ago.  We have learned a lot over the past two years about RVing, met some amazing families, retired couples, encouraged some to travel fulltime (I hope they go for it), given way too much advice and enjoyed every moment. Here where we began


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