Roadside America Trivia: Where is a giant head of Abraham Lincoln located?

Hey fellow followers do you guys know where a giant head of Abraham Lincoln located?  It’s in the state that we will be wonkamping this summer.  The funny thing is that it’s right as you drive into the border of this state and located at a rest stop of all places.  giant head of Abraham LincolnAs you travel this summer take the time to look at the historical marker when you stretch your legs.  I am always amazed how much history and science you can learn at rest areas all over the US.

Why is the Lincoln head built? It was made to commemorate Lincoln 150th birthday and used to be on the highest point (8,640 ft) on the Lincoln Highway.  Unfortunately, it was moved in 2001 to the rest stop off Highway I-80 because people were vandalizing it.  The original Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental 3,500 mile automobile route to connect New York City with San Francisco, California. Much of the original Lincoln Highway evolved into US 30 in the 1920’s and Interstate 80 in the 1950’s. The head was sculpted by Robert Russian, a University of Wyoming art professor and a Lincoln fan.

Have you figured our where it is located and why?

giant head of Abraham Lincoln11 miles east of Laramie, WY and 20 miles west of Cheyenne on I-80, exit 323, at Sweetwater Station on the Southeast side of the highway. The bronze head weighs over two tons and is 13.5 feet tall. It’s perched atop a 30-foot granite pedestal, ensuring that it can be seen from both sides of the highway. The head is oversized on tiny shoulders which make it look like a cartoon character.

giant head of Abraham LincolnThe most exciting part of seeing the head was finding snow all over the ground.  Oh and by the way its summer here!

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