Roadside America: Where is one of the biggest Liberty Replica?

Where is one of the biggest Statue of Liberty Replica in America?  Hint: It is next to the Boy Scouts of America building that looks like a bridge.

Liberty ReplicaWe have started traveling again so thought it would be fun to start doing some Roadside America fun quizzes.  No cheating guys but todays quiz….

Here are some fun facts that we learned trying to figure out why this city has one of the largest Liberties in the world.

  • This 36-foot-tall bronze replica is 1/5 size of the one in New York Harbor, and was erected atop the Liberty National Life Insurance building in 1958.
  • It was moved in 1988 and now stands just off 1-459
  • It has real gas-fired flames that shoot from it’s torch 24 hours a day,  lit with Alabama Natural Gas, and only has gone out twice in history.
  • The statue was cast in France and is the largest even surpassing the original model
  • It is located next to Birmingham Area Boy Scouts Headquarters which was designed to look like a bridge.

Haven’t guess yet?? The Liberty Replica is located in Birmingham, Alabama off interstate 1-459 and can be best seen if you are going west.

Next are pictures we took of the Boy Scut of America statue …. and we found a leader with our same last name, McIntyre (Worlds greatest name in our opinion).

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