Roadschooling at Clearwater Aquarium with our Fulltime Family

“Have you ever wanted to meet a famous actor or actress? We had the opportunity to meet an animal actress who starred in two movies: “Dolphin Tale” and “Dolphin Tale 2”.  Clearwater Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida is the home to Winter the star of the movie and her faithful pelican sidekicks, Ricky and Lucy.

clearwater aquariumWe went with our Roadschool family while we were at the Castaway Fulltime Families Rally. Over 113 people, which is 30+ families, took part in this amazing class.  The kids started off by touring the aquarium on their own and then were able to take a 30 minute class to learn more about aquatic animals.

Every direction you walked Clearwater Marine Aquarium had educational charts, posters, facts on aquatic animals, pictures, movies and many volunteers asking the kids questions. The kids learned about ‘moon turtle’ (not the official name) which are turtles that have been dropped on a boat deck and their balance is off.  They can no longer submerge and are forced to swim with their butts in the air.

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Dolphin Tale is about a young dolphin gets caught in a trap and severely damages her tail. Though she is rescued and transported to Clearwater Marine Hospital, her tail cannot be saved, and the prognosis is dire. You learn how they save Winter and make her a prosthetic tail. In “Dolphin Tale 2” we learn how Winter’s mother dies and they need to find her a new companion or again she will be taken away.

The  best part of these two movies is that they have free homeschool curriculum at Homeschool Movie Club.  They have seven movies with homeschool curriculum free to get you started and tips on how become a videographer.

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