Road Trip Teacher and Unschooling Curriculum on the Black Hills

IMG_4189We are a unschooling family and normally do not use a unschooling curriculum but I like to shake things up every now and again.  We have been in the Black Hills for the last week and I thought it would be fun to reinforce what we have learned by using the Road Trip Teacher Study Guide.  The study guides are a great addition for those families that are traveling full-time, taking small vacations this summer or studying certain part of the US.  The idea is that you can reinforce the places you have visited on your computer, read in a book or seen in person (like us).

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roadtripteacher logo 2 I was happily surprised that the girls really liked the study guide on the Black Hills.  They thought is was cool how the vocabulary words they rewrote (with fun colored pencils) were used in a lot of the paragraphs they read.  The pictures were neat because it represented what you would see if you actually visited them (like we did). The girls had to answer questions by reading the paragraphs included, make a college of all the things they learned and write a fun story at the end using the facts they learned. They learned more about Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, bison, Indians, and Devils Tower to name a few.The Road Trip Teacher has many more study guides that are geared toward children ages K-6th grade, and can be adapted to any age. 

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