Roadschool fun at the largest collection of Millstones in US and Mountain Life Museum

This week we got to see the largest collection of millstones in  US. Our roadschool adventure took us to visit the McHargues Mill house and bird sanctuary. Unfortunately, all the historical markers were badly weathered and hard to read. We did, in Unschool fashion, google information on the Mill, and learn it was built in 1812 and was a working mill that made three grades of flour, bran, corn meal, and even wool. largest collection of Millstones in USThe mill drew customers from neighboring counties and offered lodging and camp house for overnight guests. Our favorite part of the mill was watching the baby ducks (14), two families of geese with four babies each. We visited the McHargues Mill several times, while staying at Levi State Park, to feed the birds. Free to visit and feed the birds but bring your own bread, popcorn or crackers and as we could tell the mill no longer works.

IMG_1576Road school can happen by traveling a couple hours or taking an extended vacation, like us. We road school all summer (really all year) and learn as we travel from state to state. Actually Roadschooling is a lot like Unschooling except that you travel while you learn. Unschooling is life learning or self directed learning where the child decides what they are interested in learning and you (parent/teacher) helps them acquire the knowledge they seek. To learn more Unschooling click here…


IMG_1577We also visited the Mountain Life Museum that is located right around the corner from the McHargues Mill. This group of homes show how the pioneers lived when they first settled in London, Kentucky. There are seven building that show school life, large family home, Methodist Chapel, smokehouse, blacksmith, barn with homestead vehicles. We enjoyed looking around and checking our family items from the past. It only cost $3 per person to visit and $1 off if you were staying at Levi Jackson State Park. There are no plaques that identify anything but we did receive a piece paper that told us what was located in each building. I actually got Munchy to read about each building to us.

IMG_1706On the way to the Mountain Life Museum don’t forget to visit the grave site of the McNitt massacre. The story goes that they were slaughter by a group of indians after they went to sleep. There were only three that survived to tale the tale. Other things that you might enjoy while at the Levi State Park our two Flee markets with fresh fruit vegetable, knife handmade items and even kittens and puppies for sale. Dairy Queen was our favorite ice-cream shop and don’t forget to ask the campsite about the fun activities on the weekends. There are also several hikes that are great for the whole family and a pool with a slide that opened the last day we were there.

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