Roadschool Adventure: Canaan State Park where we watched a snapping turtle lay eggs

Canaan State park is not only picturesque but filled with animals, lush forest and beautiful mountain views. Highlight of our mornings was swimming till lunch everyday in a heated pool overlooking the mountains (it was 45-65 degrees every morning).Canaan State Park Our highlight of the week was watching a Snapping Turtle lay her eggs.  Consequently, the only down side to this park is high-speed 1G internet, but who needs Internet when you’re trying to relax.

IMG_1732Have you ever seen a Snapping turtle lay eggs? Actually, this adventure reminded me of my mom, because she would have gotten the same idea. While walk one morning we saw a snapping turtle digging holes. Since, we were right around the corner from our campsite I went and got the girls, chairs and a blanket. I decided we were going to watch the turtle to see why she was digging holes. We watched as she dug down as much as her stubby legs could reach, and to our amazement, noticed she was laying eggs. We watched as she laided 37 eggs, positioned them just right, covered them back up, and left. It was amazing, something the kids will remember.   I am sure they will remind me by saying,  “Hey mom do remember that time we sat in chairs and watched a turtle lay her eggs in West Virginia.”

Watch Snapping Turtle lay eggs

If you get a chance get your chair and watch because you never know what you might see. The best way to learn is by see it up close and personal.

IMG_1793We also got to do a little goecaching and hiking in the Canaan State Park. The free geocaching app comes in real handy if you decide to try geocaching.  This park gave us a paper with coordinates and clues to several geocaches.  I suggest keeping a small bag of McDonald toys in your car or hiking bag.  We forgot our toy bag so we left a quarter in exchange for a toy.  The nice part about the hikes is they are pretty easy and short. A few ended up at the lodge where we there is always ice-cream. Rock climbing is one of the girls all time favorite thing to do when they get the chance.  This park has a rock climbing and bungy jump for most of the summer. $10 per person to climb as long as you want (no one was around).

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