River street


The other day we went down to River Street to do an art treasure hunt.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, we had to find each letter in an object along River Street.  Believe it or not but S and N were the two hardest letters to find – so N we gave up and just took a picture of someone else art work – I think they guy did the same thing and you could spell out names and stuff.

The other cool thing was that while we were walking around my daughter found a $100 dollars – yes a bill folded up on the street – She is the luckiest girl on the face of this planet – a couple of months ago at the camper place we were living at she found $20.  So on Sunday – If Belle can stay in her own room for a week we are going to spend it at Toys-R-Us.

Oh yea we also went around and read some of the historical marker and did a little history too.

This is Belle Letters – kind of in order… and McKenzey – pictures –

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