Radical unschooling Day 2

This week I am trying an experiment with myself and the girls to see if radical unschooling can really work. So what does that mean for us? Well NO TV (that mind numbing no educational value type of TV), unless it is some kind of educational show (documentary), but they can do anything else their little heart desires.

In the morning I normally tell the girls what they required to do,

  • Both have to read 20 min
  • I usually read biography book and they do a video
  • We read Harry Potter
  • Do an exercise in Khan academy
  • watch a library movie and do a video on it
  • play outside at least twice
  • They do get to pick what they read, what library movie they want to watch, and we have never used a curriculum, take tests or do workbook sheets or those crazy projects.

So this week I am not making a daily laundry list that we need to do. The only rule is no TV. My idea is to back off and see if kids will learn on their own, see what their interested in learning, and will they read on their own, will they want to do science,math,  play outside, or play on the computer, etc.



Mac finished one of her fairies

20130205-195422.jpg 20130205-195429.jpg

We took Jack for a walk and the girls practiced roller skating

They wanted to do candy chemistry – Well Belle really wanted to make gummy bears – But we learned that we need to learn the basics so we can melt chocolate, make gummy bears, and melt sugar, etc.

First experiment we did was heat transfer


2nd experiment was learn about volume…


Then they ate lunch, then Mac read a book (without being asked) and both girls did the hands on equation app, practiced skating inside the house and outside  and played on the computer. They played animal jam, Barbie, Disney games, and Jump start, and are still playing as I write this tonight.

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