Do Pumpkins sink or float – Scary Halloween Pumpkin Science

Pumpkins sink or floatOctober is one of mine and the girls favorite month.  We love Halloween and thought it would be fun to do a whole bunch of experiments with pumpkins, like Pumpkins sink or float.  We started this whole adventure by going to our favorite Pumpkin Patch and the girls had a blast picking out 8 pumpkins. Buy some pumpkins and follow along with as we learn

Also here are some fun pumpkin books and Halloween pumpkin decorations that we love.

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Pumpkins sink or floatToday we did our first experiment, We wanted to see if a pumpkin would sink or float.  I even asked the older man selling the pumpkins what he thought and he said he really had no idea but wanted us to come back and tell him because he really wanted to know.

You will need

  • Measuring tape – to measure your head
  • pumpkins that about the size of your head – one for each child
  • One really big one just for fun
  • bucket with water or a pool

To see if Pumpkins sink or float ,start the project by measuring our heads to try to find a pumpkin that was about the same size.  We wanted to see if they would float or sink when put in water.  The girls filled up two buckets full of water and then placed their pumpkin on top of the water. To our surprise the pumpkins floated, even the really big one.  Why you may ask?? The reason is because they are hallow and the “guts” are made of strings, air and seeds.

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