play does = learning

20111003-174845.jpgToday the girls just played all day…. They played with there dolls, barbies, little pet shop animals, made a paper stage and play area for them. The girls sang and put on a concert for me several times. They made me lunch, did the dishes, help clean up our junk room. The girls went to the playground and set up the computer. I told the girls that there is no tv till this weekend. I was amazed by their imaginations.

Belle found a piece of paper and divided it into 6 boxes and then drew a cartoon about Senior Frog. He is standing in the first box and thinking about his girl friend, Froggy, in the second and then she drew the girl frog again in the third square. On the forth they are holding hands and then go to a bar and have drinks at the fifth (I think Michael and I eating near a bar way too much), then the lovely couple watches a football game against bulldogs and gators. (in the video Mac says we like ga but not if they are playing Norte Dame)

This video is the girls getting our seeds started and watering them… It’s only been 3 days and we already have roots growing Check it out tomorrow… (package said 7 -10 days )

Last is just a fun video of Mac singing with a barbie, that they did and then came and showed me after the fact. I love ipad2. Get one if you haven’t…. Best purchase I ever made.

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