Pictograph Caves State Park Montana

unschool historyThey say a pictures says a thousand words and Huggs believes that the prehistoric hunters were trying to tell us how they lived by painting on the walls of Pictograph Caves State Park in Montana. The paintings were done on limestone and nature has taken its toll. The paintings are very faded but you can still make out a lot of the figures on the walls. Unschooling history and archeology is about asking questions that lead to more questions and maybe some answers that take you on a journey though time. After visiting the Mammoth site, Huggs was very excited about visiting the pictographs cave in Montana.  Munchy was hoping to see ghosts in the ghost cave.

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On our hike up the mountain we meet two great ladies, one from England and one from IMG_4122right here in Montana.  Huggs spent an hour discussing and picking out different pictures on the walls with her new friends. Our new friend was a teacher in England and loved seeing the paintings through the eyes of a child.

The cave Munchy wanted to see,  ghost cave got its name because the archeologist kept see ghosts. They were living in one cave while excavating the other. Strange things kept happening during the night and wondered if the previous tenant were trying to speak to them.

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