Physics, science and math with Mean Streak Henry at Cedar Point

I have to be honest. Until we got to Michigan, I had never heard of Cedar Point and had no idea that it is the number one roller coaster park in the US and Canada.

Let me give you a minute to pick up your jaw off the ground….

Mean Streak Henry at Cedar PointYep, never heard of it and never heard of Mean Streak Henry.  It is a celebrity in these parts. Mean Streak Henry lives at our park during the summer and we got to meet, take pictures with him, and  ride some of his favorite rides when we finally made it to Cedar Point.


Who is Mean Streak Henry?  He is a the man who has ridden the Mean Streak (a wooden roller coaster) at Cedar Park more than anyone else.  His name is Henry Sievers, and he began his love of roller coasters at ripe age of twelve.  He grew up as a boy in New York and got his first ride at Eldridge Park where he rode his first wooden roller coaster.  He has ridden over 12,000 times (13,000th ride will be this Sunday Sept 14th, 2014) since 1991 and is still going.  Here is great article in the Gravity Gazette to learn more about the man with the ‘most rides on the Mean Streak’.

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Since we were able to visit the number one amusement park with the most roller coasters, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn physical science on roller coasters and throw in a little math.  How did we do this?  I found a middle school science day packet for Cedar Point.  We actually took two days to complete this because it was just a little over the girls’ heads (mostly Huggs).  Hubby and I helped to explain what the girls didn’t understand, and then we watched some amazing videos on the physics of roller coasters. Here the link Cedar Point packet for High School

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If you’re doing physics, science, and math at any amusement park, here are some more links:

popcornWe give Cedar Point five out of five popcorns because of all the roller coaster rides that are available in such a small area and the price.  If you love roller coasters, you will love this park! Price was very reasonable compared to all Disney Parks (which in my book is hard to beat).  It’s $59 at the door, but if you go online they have huge savings all year long.  We got our tickets for $49 by going online and $15 for parking fee.  If you go the last month the park is open, like we did, then you go right on the rides with no waiting, but during the end of the year it is only open on the weekends. They also offer a Halloween parks adventure where they taking scaring you seriously, and a season pass ($120 per person) which allows you into all Cedar Fair Parks.

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